5 reasons why new year’s resolutions can be a waste of time

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Yes, you did read the title correctly, new year’s resolutions are a waste of time but I guess this really boils down to the person making them. How many of you can honestly say that you stick to your new year’s resolutions for the whole 365 days per year? I can recall many times I used to do this.

Now’s about the time when you are likely to be reflecting on the year you just had, thinking about what you did and didn’t do, feeling bad for all your guilty pleasures over the Christmas holidays. This leads us to want to make some crucial changes for the year ahead. I find it’s easy to follow the crowd and make a statement but the reality is your making false promises to yourself and you will be the only one disappointed.



It’s crazy how we manage to achieve things during the year yet we focus on what we didn’t achieve. Look back at how far you have come rather than what didn’t get done. So before you jump the gun, take some time to really think about this and most importantly celebrate it. Recognising the positives in your year will position you well for the year to come and leaves you feeling positive.


5 reasons why new years resolutions can be a waste of time


Why wait to make resolutions?

It doesn’t need to be this big grand gesture, I’m sure there are many resolutions that you could implement now, all it takes is minor tweaks to your daily routine. Exercise is a good example, something a lot of people mention round about this time of the year. Why wait when you can start today? It’s just another excuse to say you are going to waste time and wait until the new year.


Don’t set your goals based on a negative. Start on a positive note

Goals have got to be worth your time otherwise what’s the point. You have really got to want it and I mean want it! The aim is to get closer to something you want rather than something you don’t want in your life.  A good goal is built up from a positive, getting closer to that ultimate dream, not away from something you no longer desire to be.

Negative: I no longer want to be fat              

Positive: I am going to lose 6 stone

Get my point here.  One thing I believe in is that positive energy, we give it off in different ways, particularly what we speak about ourselves and others, another reason why I believe so many people do not follow through on their resolutions.


Another reason to be hard on yourself

Life is hard enough as it is, a million and one things to do, remember as well as making sure you are looking after yourself and your family. Setting a resolution can be pressure, a reason to beat yourself up when your commitment slacks. Firstly, don’t set unrealistic goals this can set you up for failure, keep your expectations realistic and you will see change. As the saying goes, Slow progress is better than no progress!


5 reasons why new years resolutions can be a waste of time


Are new years resolutions a complete waste of time?

It all depends on you, nothing works unless you do! If you set goals that you are passionate about you are more likely to see them through. There’s no point saying you will go to the gym when you know full well you hate it!!!! I personally set goals throughout the year so am always aiming towards something. The truth is if there is no thought being put into your new goals for the new year then you are setting yourself up to fail. Keep it realistic, start from a positive perspective and most importantly stick to it to see the results you are longing for.

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