6 reasons why Teepees are the ultimate playtime accessory

How to Parent When You’ve Been Up all Night with Baby Sleep Issues
How to Parent When You’ve Been Up all Night with Baby Sleep Issues
29th March 2019

We all know that children are becoming trapped in the digital world and are not using their imagination. As a matter of fact, they’re not even that active! Slaves to technology before they’re even old enough to have an account for the apps they’re downloading! This is part of the reason I created my teepee company – I didn’t want my girls growing up with needless vices. The other reason is simply that I love teepees.

Every child should have a teepee – they’re so iconic and make the best playtime

The original indigenous tent has become a popular way to bring the outdoors in during playtime. If you’re not a teepee fan, I guarantee you’ll be one by the time you have read this piece. Here’s a list of reasons why I believe every child should have access to teepees growing up:

Teepee's by When Lulu Met Weasel

To use and expand their imagination

This is a crucial part of early childhood. Through imagination, children can channel their emotions and feelings. And, in turn, are able to express themselves freely and clearly. Using their imagination will boost their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Using their time productively

Having their own little corner will teach your little ones about the responsibility of taking care of and maintaining their teepee in good condition. One of my daughters’ favourite things about teepees is that you can inject it with personality. We love deciding on the theme of their teepees. We talk about what they like and what they’re into, we discuss how we can incorporate their tastes and how they’re going to decorate and accessorise it. Children should be taught the importance of looking after their belongings.


Get your children closer to nature

Teepees by When Lulu Met WeaselIf the weather is good, why not set up your teepee outside. According to mbgPlanet, it is important for children to spend time in nature because it improves their resilience to stress, it reduces attention disorders, depression and anxiety, and it helps to develop their respect and responsibility for the Earth/planet. Also, let’s not forget that we can pack up our teepees and take them anywhere! So outside can also mean the beach – they give great shade and entertainment if you don’t mind cleaning up the sand afterwards.


Ideal for playtime

Teepees bring such flexibility to playtime, children can role-play and pretend they’re all sorts of things, of course, my girls choose to be princesses. Although if you’re feeling extra adventurous, teepees are the perfect space to hide a pirate’s treasure. Essentially, teepees offer great space for any child’s imagination to take flight. This can improve a child’s cognitive and social skills. Additionally, teepees also make the best spots for tea parties!


Relaxing time

As well as stimulating children’s minds and keeping them active, teepees are also great at facilitating a tranquil time. Believe it or not, these little humans actually have a lot going on. So taking the time to relax and unwind is absolutely necessary. You can transform your child’s teepee into the perfect reading nook or make it a comfortable space for nap time, just add some cushions, their favourite teddy bears and a glass of warm milk or tea if they’re feeling fancy and are old enough!


Promoting Independence and self-confidence

Playing by themselves in their teepee will teach your child to be self-reliant and to have the confidence to be alone in a room, these are crucial foundations for their adult lives. Maria Montessori believes that developing autonomy also gives a child a sense of self-efficacy (‘I can do it on my own’) which promotes self-esteem, promotes motivation and perseverance in school.


Teepees by When Lulu Met WeaselTeepees aren’t just an accessory, they are everything!

I have always loved teepees, there’s just something about the escapism they offer.  As a child, I loved the idea of having my own little space; space where my imagination would run wild; and now I can see how much my girls love their teepees.

I’m sure that by now I have managed to convert you to the teepee way of life and if you were already a believer you will now start spreading the word! Here at Lulu & Weasel, we have a shop is full of gorgeous, handmade teepees for you and your little ones to choose from. Check out our range here and let the fun begin:


We also offer a bespoke service that caters to your style and teepee needs, we’ll happily make one just the way you want it! Just get in touch and we’d love to create something unique for you.

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