Are We There Yet –  Tips for surviving a car journey with toddler/kids

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It only seems like yesterday since our little ones finished Christmas and went back to school. Can you believe that half-term is fast approaching!


If you have plans to go away and your family is taking a road trip, then this blog is just for you.


This month I am writing about tips for surviving a car journey with toddler/kids. Currently, we are very lucky to have in-car entertainment such as phones, tablets and DVD players. Imagine what our poor mums and dads went through when we used to travel.


Okay, admittedly we didn’t wear seatbelts back then, we sometimes sat in the rear of the car and by the rear I mean the boot and we would have amused ourselves by playing I Spy, which coloured car comes first and how many funny faces we could pull at passers-by.


Although entertaining, if you had many siblings in the car you could guarantee that arguments would erupt quite quickly and the sound of Are We There Yet ten minutes down the road must have driven our parents crazy but, I also know the dispute over map reading was a time for quiet reflection as the grown-ups navigated their route without a sat nav.


If we mentioned those moments to our children today they would be horrified. Go on, tell them the story.


Anyway, back to the blog in hand and my tops five tips.

  1. Hit the road late

If you can travel overnight, a long journey is always less stressful when they are sleeping. If you can’t travel at night, then wait around usual nap time. The motion of the car will soon send them to sleep.


  1. Keep gadgets to hand

You may despair of how much time your children spend on electronics but trust me, they are a God send for long journeys, don’t forget to keep them charged.


  1. Make travel packs

Backpacks full of their favourite stuff will keep them entertained. Magazines, comics, small toys and travel games are all suitable items for a car journey.


  1. Snack, snack and snack again

Don’t forget a bag of snacks. You can guarantee one of your children will be hungry within the hour. Choice items wisely, make sure your child doesn’t get car sick and pack plenty of water.


  1. Don’t forget the important items

Rubbish bags, baby wipes, blankets, sickness tablets and decent CD music will make sure that your journey runs smoothly.


Regular breaks and stretching of the legs will also help with the stress levels (parents not children) although don’t stop for too long otherwise you won’t want to get back in the car. On that note, lying about how far you must drive may be a good idea.

Checklists are a great way to go in not forgetting anything and will help you all to stay calm and enjoy your road trip.

If you have any points that you use and would like to share, then please head over to Facebook and carry on the discussion.

I would love to see your photos and comments on this.

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