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Christmas. A time of family, fun and joy. Traditions have changed dramatically over the years from Christmas Eve boxes to lunch out on Christmas Day but one thing we always try to do in our house is to take part in a little Christmas crafty fun. In a world of technology, it is always nice to set aside some family time and just be creative.


Crafting can keep your children entertained for hours and aid them to uncover their creative side and if you’re lucky enough to have older children who don’t need the help you may even get five minutes peace and quiet.


This month, with Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share with you a Christmas craft that we have been creating together as a small gift for our friends and family.


This step-by-step guide will help you to create a Christmas tree hand card in four easy steps.


It really is simple to do.


You will need:

White card

Green card

Brown card

Yellow card


Glue stick

Pen or pencil

Paint or gems


Your little ones are growing on a daily basis and this is a delightful way of also measuring that growth and having a keepsake for future years.


Step 1 – take your little one’s hand and draw it on the green card.


Step 2 – measure a small amount of brown card for the tree trunk and the yellow card for the star.


Step 3 – Glue the hand and trunk to the white card


Step 4 – Start decorating the tree with the paint or gems


That’s it!



We had so much fun making these cards and we have made envelopes to go with them so that we can deliver them to our loved ones.


Whether you are looking for something simple or something more detailed then there are thousands of ideas on the World Wide Web that you can find and craft.


Pinterest is a really good starting point.


Activity Village also has a huge list of Christmas crafts that your child can create.


As the countdown to Christmas begins your fun to do and easy crafts will make December fun and the children will love the interaction and creativity it brings.


As mentioned above Do It Yourself projects are a fantastic way of making memories and can help your child love every minute of childhood.


Did you know?




  1. Allows a child to show their emotions.


  1. Helps organisational and planning skills


  1. Helps build fine motor skill and dexterity development


  1. Develops or deepens bonds between both children and adults


  1. Stimulates your child’s brain and keeps them mentally active


According to crafting makes you healthier and happier. You can read their article here:


Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to get crafty and I would love to see your designs. Why not head over to Facebook and share your creativeness today.











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