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5th December 2017
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6th February 2018

Christmas is now done and dusted, and the New Year has commenced.  We hope you have made fabulous memories with your friends and family.


I have been SO busy here at When Lulu met Weasel especially these past few weeks and the chaos of the school holidays are now in full swing and there’s still over a week to go before the early morning school run starts.


You’re either a morning person or you’re not and if you are wondering how you will get through the next few days then this blog will help you survive the early mornings in just six simple steps.


Switch off the night before

Set a time to switch off from all technology including the TV and phone.


Your brain will soon enter a routine and your sleep pattern will be easier, it is recommended that you switch off all appliances at least 90 minutes before bedtime.  Your phone should be switched to silent.


Stop drinking caffeine at least a couple of hours before sleep.


Be prepared

Preparing the night before will make your early morning start run smoother.  Lunches, school bags and reading books will ensure a less stressed start to your day.


Alarm clock choice

Find an alarm clock or ringtone which will want you to wake up, not hit snooze. The snooze button will make you feel more tired. An upbeat and motivating ringtone will make you want to hot trot it out of bed.


Drink water

Your body dehydrates overnight, a glass of ice cold water will help you to feel instantly energized and alert.  Drinking water not only hydrates you but will determine your level of hunger.


Eat breakfast

A healthy and well-balanced breakfast will set you up for the day.  Introducing an oatmeal breakfast will boost your energy levels and ensure that you get through the day easier.


Drink caffeine in moderation

We’re all guilty of reaching for caffeine first thing in the morning but the truth is this can make your day harder should you drink too much.


Reduce your caffeine intake and limit yourself to 2 to 4 cups a day.  You reduce the possibility of crashing later in the day.


Organisation is important to ensure that the morning goes to plan.



My five tips may seem simple and obvious but sometimes we forget about ourselves as a parent.  Remember to take a step back and look after yourself, your little ones are depending on you and you deserve to be 100%.


Personal Excellence has 21 tips for waking up early – if six tips are not inspiring enough then check out their article here:


Let me know which ones’ work for you.


I’d love to hear whether you have any unusual tips that you would recommend or after following my tips I’d would love to know if they have worked for you, why not share them over on Facebook or in the comments section below.




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