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3rd October 2017
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It’s that time of the year here at When Lulu met Weasel. Lulu turned 8 on Halloween and her party was a few days later. It can be a very stressful time organising a child’s party not to mention an expensive one.


This month’s blog is all about my eight top tips to parties and not only how to throw a great one but also how to survive one as the parent!


Happy Birthday Lulu!


So, just how do you plan a children’s party?


The stress and pressure that parents put themselves under really are unfounded and with a bit of preparation and patience, you will all have a blast.


Step 1 – Pick your theme


Today there is a world of choice when it comes to themes. Speak with your child and see what they would like, remember that just because they liked Peppa Pig last week doesn’t necessarily mean that they will this week and your choice may not be cool enough.


Step 2 – Who will attend? How many invites do you REALLY need?


If your little one is at school you may have to invite the whole class to the party and that can mean thirty small people running around. This also means thirty invitations plus one or two tagalongs i.e. brothers and sisters of the guests.


Step 3 – Choose venue and then the date


As soon as you know that you are throwing a party be sure to check in with the venue to see if the date is available. Pre-plan this at a very early stage.


Step 4 – Do you hire an entertainer or do it yourself?


Hiring an entertainer can be an easy solution to less stress however it can become very expensive. Character appearances tend to start at £40 and a full on party for 10 children can start at £125 so imagine 30 of them!


If you do it yourself you can find affordable tableware and decorations online. You can also hire character costumes from £20 – just grab a friend or your partner to dress up.


Colour and theme co-coordination is key. Top tip: keep spare tableware to hand just in case!


Step 5 – Plan your party games


Google is a great tool for party games for all ages and styles. Good old classic party games really do go down a storm and will involve everyone, even the adults!


Choose classics like musical statues; pass the parcel (this kills a fair bit of time) and pin the tail on the donkey will bring about laughter and cheer. Don’t forget the piñata!


Step 6 – Food


Party food is easily prepared these days with the party food options at large supermarkets. However, keep it simple.


Children tend to be distracted by the party goings-on to be interested in food and you can guarantee that if you go over the top you will be eating sandwiches for a week!


Step 7 – Enjoy and have fun!


Parties are all about having fun and your children are probably not going to realise if it doesn’t quite go to plan. Party music can always save the day.


Step 8 – Relax


When your little one is in bed just relax and breathe. You did a brilliant job and they will have memories that will last forever.


Take time to plan your party. Scene setters can turn your event into a truly memorable photo opportunity. These can be found online under party backdrops and are worth investing in, your little one can then use it at home afterwards.


A really useful tip that I suggest is plan a list of items so that you know that you have everything covered.

Here’s one I made earlier and based on Peppa Pig but it gives you an idea on what not to forget.



20 Peppa Pig Plates

20 Peppa Pig Party ware Cups

40 Peppa Pig Party ware Napkins (2 ply 33 cm x 33 cm)

20 Peppa Pig Party Bags with goody’s

Pink Party Balloons

Yellow party balloons

Peppa Pig foil balloons

Confetti (where possible stay away from confetti, it’ll only end up on the floor and guess who will be clearing it up!

Peppa Pig table covers

Plastic backdrop banners (prop supply)

20 Peppa Pig Invitations


1 Piñata (filled with sweets)

Karaoke machine (prop supply)

Game prizes

Shimmer curtained doorway (prop supply)

Scene setter (prop supply)


One last tip – when it comes to helium balloons, foil balloons will last for approximately two weeks but remember the temperature, if it’s cold they will shrink, if it is hot they will expand. Latex balloons will last on average 12 hours even with helium. Well worth considering if you are setting up the day before.


There we have it, my eight simple steps to planning and surviving your child’s party. If you do throw one, we would love to see your photos. Feel free to share on Facebook at











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