5 No-mess, simple, make-at-home Christmas craft ideas – with free print outs

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6th November 2018
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28th December 2018

With the days colder, and the nights drawing in, we are always on the lookout for fun things to do that can keep the little ones entertained in the run-up to Christmas.

These simple craft ideas will be sure to keep your little ones happily entertained, using things you will find at home along with our free Christmas print out these activities will provide hours of fun and are things you can come back to time and time again!


1. Toilet Roll Characters

This is a really simple idea and children really enjoy it.

All you need is some toilet roll tubes, some coloured paper, glue, scissors and some pens.

You can let your imagination run wild and create any characters your child wants too, but here are the instructions to make a snowman and Santa.

Father Christmas

You will need some red card, white card and black pen or black card and a toilet paper tube.

Using the toilet roll tube as a size guide, cut out a stripe of red card, that is just a bit less than the height of the tube. And a red hat shape.

Then cut out 5 small black circles, and a thin black strip, a white beard shape and a bobble for the end of Father Christmas’ hat.

Then simply let your child stick the parts together, wrapping the red paper around the tube first then positioning the eyes, nose, buttons belt and hat.


For a snowman you need some white card or paper, wrap this around your tube, then cut out coloured strips to for a scarf, use paper for eyes and buttons or a pen and draw them on yourselfs.

You could also create elves, Mrs Claus and reindeers!

Toilet Roll Christmas Characters


2. Decorate a Christmas tree!

Another fun activity which children love is designing and decorating their own Christmas tree,

Use the following print out sheet for the base of your design, or alternatively draw a simple Christmas tree. Then let your children decorate it however they would like.

Perhaps they could use sweet wrappers or coloured tissue paper, maybe even collected leaves and pine cones, it can be fun to cut up magazines and stick on their favourite characters or simply use coloured pencils and pens  – what will your Christmas tree look like?Christmas tree activity

3. Home Made Christmas Crackers

These are always a favourite, and are very simple to make. All you need is some toilet paper tubes and some tissue paper. You can fill your crackers with anything you like – you can create your own jokes or draw some nice pictures, fold them up and place them inside the toilet roll, perhaps add in a sweet or a small toy then wrap the toilet roll with tissue paper, ensure the sheet of tissue paper is large enough to fully cover the roll. Then simply twist the ends.

You can also decorate your cracker with stickers or pens.

4. Christmas bookmarks

Snuggling up with a hot chocolate and a nice story is one of our all time favourite winter traditions, and a really fun Christmas craft activity is making your own bookmarks.

You can use the following print out and simply colour in the characters, or perhaps you can encourage your children to draw their own characters!

Christmas Bookmarks

Red Ted Art has some great corner bookmarks with a brilliant how-to guide here: www.redtedart.com/christmas-bookmark-ideas

5. Design your own Christmas eve plate.

If you are leaving out a mince pie or cookie for Santa or a treat for the reindeer, or even if you just want to decorate some tableware for a family party, one great way to get the children involved is to let them decorate their own paper plates.

Simply buy plain paper plates, and grab some pens or paints and let your children decorate however they would like, perhaps they could paint the whole plate brown then stick on some antlers and a shiny red nose and make a Rudolph plate!

Christmas eve plate


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