Naughty Mummy Eats All The Easter Eggs

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6th March 2018
#AdEnough Campaign
#AdEnough of kids eating junk food! Jamie Oliver has too!
1st May 2018


Sh*t hands up who managed to eat all the Easter eggs before the bunny hid them? I know I’m not alone, please say I’m not (she says as the guilt kicks in). So imagine this, I gave into my temptation as the chocolate eggs kept staring at me every evening, (why do I do this to myself, I need a locked cupboard before Xmas hits). It’s easily done, kids are asleep, who will know as long as I don’t forget to replace it, right! A mad dash to Waitrose was necessary. More overpriced bloody eggs that are only seen for minutes before violently being demolished! There’s nothing cuter than your 7-year-old with chocolate smudged all over their mouth, moments to be cherished… oh yeah then you notice it’s getting all over the white walls and furniture… suddenly the cuteness goes out the window.


So the norm this Easter, no different from no other, pounds spent on not just the one egg, no that would be too simple, but all the little extras that come with it, Easter egg hunt, creative fun, games not to forget the family roast (as I say this I feel I deserve that sneaky intake of chocolate). A little extra touch this year. The kids got to meet the famous Easter bunny at the pets at home event. As you can see they are in their element. They can’t and better not complain!

My kids will be buzzing off chocolate for the remainder of the holidays. Despite my cheeky intervention, they have eggs coming out of their ears (did you see how I made it sound like I was helping them 🤣). Next year I’m budgeting to buy myself an egg, I think it’s about time!


I have all the motivation I need to give myself a kick up the arse. I have no choice but to push myself extra hard! Straight back to the gym to work off the extra eggs 😆 Check out Emily Syke if your thinking about an easy to follow fitness plan, she’s awesome and a new mummy.




Whilst I remember has anyone else noticed the latest craze? Rock hunting! What the hell is it? Essentially the aim of the group is to paint and share rocks in the area, share locations so that the painted rocks can be found. If you’re itching to get involved with the kids you can share in the fun here, a great way to make the kids feel special.

That’s a wrap from me. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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