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3rd October 2017
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Lulu (aka Charlotte) ( 7 3/4yr )

Picture this, I have come to a reputable but expensive shoe shop a few weeks before school starts, every other parent has chosen to visit today with their offspring and I have taken a ticket which shows I have approximately a 125-hour wait to be served. Okay, slight exaggeration.

Whilst I am waiting I’m browsing and trying to find acceptable school shoes for my children when one of them comes running across the shop floor, shoes in hand wailing like a banshee “I want these ones” and within a nanosecond a pair of shoes are thrust in my face and a look of desperation appears on my child’s face.

You know what’s coming next; cue slightly stressed voice “just because they say OLD SKOOL SHOES does not mean that they are suitable!”

All across the Country right about now mums and dads are scrambling to buy school uniforms, find ridiculously expensive but much-needed shoes that are suitable for school, it doesn’t matter that our children hate them, that they are too loose, too tight, not fashionable enough, no-one will notice that they don’t match the uniform colour code or are just generally rubbish they are the ones they want.

It’s the final countdown

There’s no doubt about it 99% of the UK are counting down the minutes, hours, days and seconds of that one long awaited back to school moment.

Let’s face it, we are tearing our hair out and at the same time trying to look as cool as a cucumber to our other mumsy friends. Behind the scenes, I struggle to even brush my hair and get out of my pyjamas, I kid you not, and I am regressing back to being a teenager.


Take a minute, breathe and relax, school is just around the corner and the summer holidays we were so excited about initially are drawing to a close.

However, with that happy thought comes a blow, my youngest Evie’s birthday is in December so missed the cut-off, she has to wait a whole year until she can start school.

Feel my pain, I now have to find 101 ways or more to keep Evie entertained whilst I work around her, and yes, it truly is around her, her toys and her mess.

For those mums that work from home, I salute you.

Weasel (aka Evie) (3 1/2 yr)

Hazards of the job

The juggling act of having a child at home, even part time whilst trying to run a business can be very, very distressing. I have now made it into a game where if I am on the phone my little one has to stay as still and as quiet as a statue, as I hang up she will say to me ‘Mummy was I quiet”? Cue bad mum thoughts.

Of course, this doesn’t always work and you will find me apologising to my client’s as I mention that I am “working from home today“, who am I kidding, I always work from home it’s just that today someone caught me out.

Some of you may well have little ones just starting at school and the emotional aspect of this will be huge but give it a month or two and you will be joining my Back To School Club, trust me.

Nostalgia will soon be replaced with relief and you’ll wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang – you’ll wanna be in my gang – oh yeah!


So, in reality back to school is just like the Christmas holidays, it’s an expensive moment but it leads to a celebration and with this in mind, I would like to hear how you manage the back to school madness and whether you have a melt down during the process or remain as cool as a cucumber (externally at least).

Although it may seem like we are getting our lives back to be an adult again I’m afraid I am the bearer of a false sense of security as we now have to add in the Mum or Dad taxi service to ferry the children around to their after school clubs which seem endless, the brownies and the judo classes will soon fill up any free time you thought you had to chill as a busy schedule takes over.

Until my next blog, you’re doing a fantastic job being you never forget that.

Oh, and to all you teachers out there, thank you, you deserve a medal although you must be slightly bonkers too.





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